What Our Clients Have to Say

“I asked Brian at Point 08 Forensic Alcohol Consultants to analyze my IRP documents after I’d sought a review. He provided an expert report showing factors I would never have noticed had I not sought expert aid. He showed discrepancies in the police account and used his scientific expertise to show that the case had no proper grounds for prohibition. I doubt I would have won my IRP review without Brian’s help. It’s a big weight off my shoulders.”

James M.

“I got an IRP and sent my disclosure documents to Point 08 Forensic Alcohol Consultants.  Brian responded very quickly and advised me all the required documents had been completed properly by the officer, and there were no errors (my bad luck). In the end I didn’t ask Brian for a report but the information he did give me (at no cost) was very helpful. Thanks Brian. ”

N. R.