The following may be of interest to our clients:

Some RoadSafetyBC publications:

  1. A  factsheet provided by RoadSafetyBC describing IRPs and the review process, ground rules, and review decisions.
  2. An Application Guide provided by RoadSafetyBC to help drivers apply for an IRP review if a driver believes the prohibition was issued in error.
  3. A  youtube video (provided by RoadSafetyBC) explaining the IRP review process.
  4. A link to a Government of BC web page describing Immediate Roadside Prohibitions.
  5. A factsheet describing IRP financial penalties and fees.
  6. A factsheet provided by RoadSafetyBC describing the Responsible Driver Program and program fee.

A Publication from the Canadian Bar Association BC Branch:

A link to legal information about drinking and driving offences and prohibitions.

Publications from the ATC:

The Alcohol Test Committee (ATC) has published a number of documents related to breath testing and alcohol impairment. The ATC is a group of scientists and members of the Canadian Society of Forensic Science (CSFS) that provides scientific advice and guidance to the Federal Department of Justice. The ATC has published two documents that may be of interest to our clients:

1.“Recommended Operational Procedures” for breath testing instruments
2.“Recommended Best Practices for a Breath Alcohol Testing Program”

Intox EC/IR II Training Manual

Here is a link to a copy of the Intox EC/IR II User manual