An easy way to win an IRP review hearing

Do you really want to accept an IRP that should have been revoked? Probably not.  But many drivers are allowing that to happen to them. Unknowingly. If you got an IRP recently, you should read on!


Police fail to submit documents in time:

Adjudicators revoke IRPs if the police don’t submit their documents to RoadSafetyBC in time for the review hearing.  You can see in this letter (IRP Review Decision) that the police have a limited time to submit these documents before the adjudicator must revoke the IRP. Why do the police allow this to happen?  Who knows? Maybe they had a busy night and forgot, or maybe they sent it to the wrong fax number.


How much time have police got?

In a recent IRP revocation letter, the police issued an IRP on March 4th, and on March 17th the adjudicator revoked it because the documents weren’t provided in time.  That’s less than 2 weeks.


Ask for an IRP Review Hearing:

The thing is, though, you have to ask and pay for a review first before you can get one of these revocation letters.  If you don’t ask for an IRP review and the police forget to send the documents, the IRP stays on your record.   You can save a lot of money and headache if you ask for a review.


No lawyers or affidavits required:

The great thing about these letters is: if the police messed up submitting your documents, you don’t need to hire a lawyer (or a scientist like me) to get a revocation letter from the adjudicator!  You don’t need to make any submissions or draw up an affidavit to have your IRP revoked for this reason. You don’t even need to prepare for the review –  but, you do need to ask for one!  You can read how to do this in an earlier blog article.


The Payoff:

When adjudicators revoke an IRP, they waive the monetary penalties, cancel the impoundment, refund the towing and storage costs, and cancel your driving prohibition. That is a big payoff just for completing the IRP Application for Review.

I see several of these letters issued every month. So there is a chance you could get one yourself, simply by applying for a review.