About Us

If you are a lawyer preparing an IRP defense or a driver representing yourself in an IRP written review or oral hearing, Point 08 Forensic Alcohol Consultants can help. We are the alcohol experts when it comes to the operation and calibration of the Alco-Sensor FST approved screening device. We use our scientific expertise and years of experience to review the IRP disclosure documents for:

  • police errors and omissions
  • procedural errors and omissions
  • instrument errors and malfunctions

What we do:

Brian Image and the Point 08 Forensic Alcohol Consultants team will thoroughly examine the IRP disclosure documents to determine if all proper procedures have been followed. From the police request for a breath sample to the operation, maintenance, and calibration of the Approved Screening Devices (ASDs), we review it all. Our technical assessment will examine all aspects of the operation of the breath testing device in detail. We provide you with a comprehensive report outlining any errors or deficiencies, should there be any, and detail their impact on the accuracy and reliability of the test result. Our confidential report is provided to you and is not disclosed to anyone else.

Our report can provide important scientific information for you to submit to your IRP review.

What we don’t do:

Point 08 Forensic Alcohol Consultants are scientists, not lawyers, and we cannot give legal advice. We do not request IRP reviews on your behalf and we do not represent drivers at IRP hearings.

Who we are:

With 30 years of experience as an RCMP Forensic Alcohol Expert, Brian Image is the principal behind Point 08 Forensic Alcohol Consultants.

Mr. Image has given evidence hundreds of times at all levels of court throughout Western Canada as an Expert Witness on every aspect of the forensic alcohol discipline. His expertise includes the operation and maintenance of breath test devices, the effects of alcohol on driving and behaviour, and the calculation of blood alcohol concentrations.

Mr. Image is a member of the Canadian Society of Forensic Science and the International Association for Chemical Testing, and, until 2015, was a member of the RCMP Forensic Laboratory in Vancouver, BC. In addition to his Bachelor of Science from Simon Fraser University, Mr. Image has received extensive additional training in forensic alcohol from the RCMP. He has also trained directly with the manufacturer for the Intox EC/IR II evidentiary instruments and the Alco-Sensor FST Approved Screening Devices used for breath testing in BC. He was a member of the British Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police Impaired Driving Advisory Committee until 2015, and has provided scientific advice to police and government agencies in Canada.

Mr. Image helped develop the training materials BC police agencies use to teach police officers to operate the Alco-Sensor FST Approved Screening Device. He has made many presentations on forensic alcohol issues to RoadSafetyBC adjudicators, Crown counsels, judges, and scientists. He has received awards and recognition for his contributions to the field of forensic alcohol.