Are you a driver preparing for an IRP review?

Are you a lawyer preparing for an IRP review?

We can help

We are Point 08 Forensic Alcohol Consultants and we provide scientific reports to law professionals and self-represented drivers preparing for Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) reviews in British Columbia, Canada.

Your Problem

Every month RoadSafetyBC receives hundreds of IRP review requests from BC drivers and lawyers. About 25% of these IRPs are successfully revoked. That means a lot of IRPs contain mistakes, omissions or inconsistencies. But how do you know if your IRP has errors?

A Solution

If you are preparing for an IRP review you need all the right scientific information to succeed at the review. You need to know if the roadside breathalyzer was operated correctly and if it was accurate.

Our Company

We can help! We are the experts when it comes to the operation of breath test instruments in BC. We specialize in IRP technical assessments. There is no one who knows more about how BC police use breath test instruments.